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Ilona Rabovsky

Chief Operating Officer

After leaving high school early, I spent several years driving across the United States; settling in a few different places and predominantly working in restaurants. This expanded my perspective on my own experience growing up at the poverty level in Coastal New England, relative to the experiences of others from different identities and geographic locations. Particularly, I saw how my whiteness and proximity to generational wealth provided me with ease of access to resources and opportunities that many others had to fight to obtain. 

When I finally went to college as a nontraditional student, I began to transform that awareness to civic engagement. Through my studies, volunteer work and political activism, I focused on learning about the factors that contribute to individual resilience; as well as the systems that are designed to oppress. I became deeply involved in Social Innovation and Antiracism work, further honing in on these issues while obtaining my Masters in Public Policy

My professional experience spans corporate finance, nonprofit operations & human resources, and strategic planning; and I’ve been working in the Boston nonprofit community since 2018, with leadership roles at College for Social Innovation and the Rian Immigrant Center. I joined GenUnity as Chief Operating Officer in March of 2024, delighted to bring my leadership and experience to an organization whose mission and values so closely mirror my own. 

I am also passionate about discovering new restaurants, hospice and end of life care, seeing live music, and running.