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Colin Loftus

Program Recruitment Manager

Hi there, I’m Colin! I was born and raised on Cape Cod and grew up in a large family, watching my parents juggle jobs in social services and childcare while raising us and staying involved in our church. The value of community was brought to my living room. I’ve been fortunate to have a supportive community throughout my life, which empowered me to study International Relations. My studies focused on power structures on an international level, but over time I realized I could do so much more good in my own corner of the world, working with my own community to solve problems. At Bridgewater State University, I learned how to build intentional community with others, and how much there is to be learned from anyone you take the time to get to know. My goal of building community in my own corner of the world has remained central to my personal and professional life, and has manifested itself in jobs working with housing, higher education, and now here at GenUnity. In each of my roles, connection and relationship building has been vital to my work. In my spare time, I enjoy time spent in green space (including the 40+ plants in my house), crafting, and going to sports games with my partner (go WooSox!)