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Activating everyday adults to create a community by everyone for everyone

We are facilitators, conveners, and space creators dedicated to elevating the lived expertise and leadership potential of everyday adults. We bring residents together across difference to build trust, collective knowledge, and power to drive change on the issues most impacting our communities.

When we are all involved in shaping our communities, we are all better off.

Building a flourishing society requires addressing our most persistent problems. For that, we need to draw on the diversity of perspectives in our communities, especially lived expertise. Missed perspective is missed opportunity. That’s why our locally-focused programs are centered around elevating proximate experts, promoting equity in decision-making, and building solidarity across difference–so that, together, we can shape our policies, institutions, and systems into ones that benefit us all.

We’ve supported over 200 everyday leaders who are driving community-centered change, from introducing new legislation to transforming organizational culture.

Our innovative, proven, and sustainable community leadership programs equip everyday adults with the knowledge and skills necessary for critically evaluating, navigating, and driving change on the issues they care about. We’ve started this collaboration locally, in our Boston neighborhoods and workplaces.

From our members

“It has felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, because I know that I can do something that will be impactful."
Andi Holmes, Health Equity program member
“Thank God I've lived long enough to see so many people, from so many different backgrounds, so many different cultures, come together and nothing but peace and harmony presides. It wasn't always like that. I thank you for allowing me to finally see it."
Carl Baty, Health Equity program member
“I’m grateful GenUnity gave us the space to share our stories and lay the foundation for our hopes and plans to build a better world."
Kathy Henriquez, Health Equity program member

GenUnity exists to shift our civic culture.

Our toughest problems require a shift in how organizations and residents work together. We are building new ways for organizations and residents to be in community - centering trust, reciprocity, and co-creation.

Program Members

Everyday adults experiencing, tackling, or looking to learn about the issues today

Employer Partners

Organizations building deep relationships between employees and the residents they serve

Community Partners

Organizations engaging with members to exchange learnings and inform better solutions

Funding Partners

Funders elevating the community’s lived expertise to tackle our toughest issues

GenUnity in the News

GenUnity presents at Camelback showcase (Coming Soon)
Dec 13, 2022

GenUnity presents at Camelback showcase (Coming Soon)

Watch our co-founder, Jerren Chang, present GenUnity at the Camelback Venture Fellows event.
Jun 20, 2022

Honoring Juneteenth: What we need from corporate America

The practice of equity-centered leadership starts with creating spaces for community building, learning and reflection; elevating diverse, proximate leaders; and translating learning into strategic action
Mar 8, 2021

Boston Globe Opinion: Feeling Powerless? Exercise your civic rights.

Civic engagement is fundamental for a free and fair society. But we often overlook the importance of civics for personal well-being.
Dec 8, 2022

Social Innovation Forum’s 2023 Social Innovators

GenUnity among 8 nonprofits chosen for SIF’s 2023 Social Innovator cohort. 2-year accelerator program provides financial, capacity-building support; helps organizations gain visibility, expand networks, strengthen impact. GenUnity was chosen for “Building and Sustaining Social Capital” track with track partner MassMutual Foundation.
Dec 5, 2022

Harvard Innovation Labs’ Social Impact Fellowship Fund

GenUnity recognized among recipients of grant for impact-focused for-profit and nonprofit ventures
Nov 11, 2022

Social Innovation Forum Finalist Award

GenUnity among 18 Boston nonprofits selected for the Social Innovation Forum accelerator

GenUnity News

Member Spotlight: Jazmine Richardson (Health Equity '24)

Check out this month's extended Member Spotlight interview with Jazmine Richardson! Follow her on her journey from undergraduate to graduate studies, through volunteering in the community to participating in GenUnity.
June 12, 2024

Member Spotlight: Monica Keel (Housing '23)

For this week's Member Spotlight, you'll hear from Monica Keel about discovering her passion for Housing at Brandeis University, rising through the ranks at Citizens'​ Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA), and becoming a Facilitator at GenUnity.
May 31, 2024

Member Spotlight: Bryan Wang

Hear from Bryan Wang (Health Equity '24), on co-founding bosWell, a technology and wrap-around service partner for food pantries and social service organizations, and expanding his knowledge of Boston's health care ecosystem through GenUnity.
May 22, 2024

Member Spotlight: Aisha Donna

Aisha Donna (Housing '21) on her time with GenUnity and Boston's SPARK Council.

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