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Empowering Residents to Drive Real Solutions to the Housing Crisis

With the housing crisis at a record high, finding a safe, decent, and affordable place to live has never been more important. Many of us want to be part of the solution, but aren’t sure where to start. At GenUnity, we help transform this interest into agency, community, and a powerful force for change.

The Path to Housing Justice

Our program brings together a diverse group of everyday people, including housing professionals, community organizers, people with lived experience of housing insecurity, and other Bostonians eager to make a change.

Throughout the 10-week program, you’ll have the opportunity to build lasting relationships with fellow program members, as well as community leaders on the frontlines of the housing crisis. Together, you’ll delve into the heart of the housing crisis, examining the systems and policies behind the persistent housing insecurity in Boston and identifying effective strategies to advance housing justice in your community.

Upon program completion, you'll become an Andrew Dreyfus Community Leadership Fellow, joining our Lifetime Community of Practice, which unites hundreds of past program participants. You’ll get to collaborate with passionate changemakers and everyday activists who are driving solutions such as introducing legislation at the state house, innovating workplace practices at banks and health providers, and advocating for themselves and their communities.

Click here to learn what three of our past participants have to say about the Housing Program.

Why Join the Program?

Connect with 50 diverse residents passionate about housing justice

Engage with housing experts with lived or professional experience
on the issues

Join an extensive network of everyday Bostonians driving change

“While we may not have fully solved the issue of housing insecurity, we have certainly made a justice deposit, a downpayment to improve the society that our kids and loved ones will inherit."

Lashaunda Watson, Client Outreach and Engagement, Specialist Compass Working Capital

“GenUnity members helped me connect my research on housing discrimination with a state representative, leading to the introduction of new fair housing legislation in Massachusetts."

Bill Berman, Clinical Professor, Suffolk Law School

Program Overview

Program Kickoff

Program Kickoff

Begin your journey with an in-person kickoff event. Forge relationships, share your stories, and immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere with keynote speakers and a catered meal, setting the tone for an impactful program ahead.

Community partner sessions

Community partner sessions

Attend a biweekly, small-group session with one of our community partners–leaders from the housing industry, local government, and nonprofit sector to deepen your understanding of the housing crisis and build your capacity to advance housing justice.

Cohort sessions

Cohort sessions

Join fellow program members in biweekly two-hour sessions that delve deep into conversations about the housing ecosystem in Greater Boston. Led by our experienced facilitators, these sessions provide a platform for both small and large group discussions, helping you paint a fuller picture of the challenges and opportunities for change.

Program celebration

Program celebration

Culminate the program by reuniting in person with your newfound community to celebrate your success and the meaningful connections you've established. You’ll also become an Andrew Dreyfus Community Leadership Fellow in our Lifetime Community of Practice, giving you continued engagement opportunities with GenUnity members and community partners through post-program events and workshops.

Program Costs and Stipends

Employer Sponsorship:  Thanks to our partnership with the Commonwealth Corporation Workforce Training Fund Express program, most businesses can sponsor their employees for free!

  • If you believe your employer might be interested in sponsoring you, either through this partnership or with their own funds, let us know in your application.
  • If you’re an employer interested in sponsoring your employees, you can reach out to reach out to our team at

Scholarships and Stipends: We offer scholarships and stipends up to $30/hour for program members who require financial assistance.

Program Schedule

Mark these important dates and times in your calendar so you don’t miss any of our program events and sessions:

Program Kickoff (in-person)

September 16, 2023

Cohort Sessions (on Zoom)

Every other Thursday, 6 - 8 PM ET, September 21 - November 9

Community partner sessions (on Zoom)

One hour per week, biweekly, flexible to your schedule

Program Celebration (in-person)

November 16, 2023

Program Kickoff (in-person)

September 14, 2024

Cohort Sessions (on Zoom)

Every other Thursday, 6-8 PM ET, Sept. 26 - Nov. 14

Community partner sessions (on Zoom)

One hour per week, biweekly, flexible to your schedule

Program Celebration (in-person)

November 21, 2024

Join the Movement for Housing Justice

Our housing program creates a space for shared learning, generating ideas, and, most importantly, taking strategic action to tackle the complexities of housing injustice.

Our approach centers people who have been directly impacted by systemic housing inequities, shifting power to those most affected while fostering the relationships needed for meaningful change.

With our program, participants not only gain the knowledge and skills but also build the relationships and agency to advance housing justice and influence decisionmakers.

Program Application Process

Ready to make a real impact in the fight against the housing crisis? Take the first step by filling out this application today.

If your application is a good fit, we’ll be in touch to schedule a 20-minute interview, where we can get to know you better. After the interview, you’ll receive a final decision on your application within three weeks.

Apply for our programNominate someone for our program

Housing affordability is a critical issue in Boston. Faced with a crippling housing shortage and unsustainable housing prices for both renters and buyers, the city has been named one of the most expensive places to live in the US. 

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the Housing Justice challenge facing low-income communities in the Greater Boston area—and the steps that can be taken to address it.


More Ways to Make a Difference

GenUnity offers a growing range of programs to help participants tackle the issues that matter most to them and promote a more just future.

Whether it’s advocating for healthcare or community-centered solutions, our programs enable members to take strategic steps toward creating positive change in their neighborhoods, workplaces, and society.

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The Greater Boston Area is home to some of the world’s most renowned medical schools, hospitals, and innovators in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. Yet, in the shadow of these institutions, the residents of Boston face stark health inequities that result in poor health outcomes — particularly in historically marginalized communities. 

Download our whitepaper to learn more about the Health Equity landscape in Greater Boston, the inherent challenges in its ecosystem, and the solutions that can illuminate a path towards progress and meaningful change. 

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