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GenUnity Co-Founder and CEO joins the 2024 Roddenberry Fellowship Cohort



March 7, 2024

Last week, our Co-Founder and CEO, Jerren Chang, joined 9 Roddenberry Fellows at their LA Retreat. In LA, the Roddenberry Fellows enjoyed an exciting week of sharing personal stories and identifying potential collaborations- setting a foundation to build deep, lasting partnerships.

Over the next year, Jerren will continue to strengthen these relationships through monthly calls, weekly emails, learning groups and local, in-person meet-ups. Along with meeting regularly with the ‘24 Roddenberry Fellows, he will have access to an active network of alums, coaches and external experts.

The Roddenberry Fellowship takes a holistic approach to supporting activists, community leaders, advocates, and changemakers by equipping them with the resources and networks they need to continue to push their initiatives forward. For those interested in applying, be sure to click here.

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