Naeemah Smith


For last 10 years I’ve worked with organizations and systems that work to support youth and their families.  More often than not, I’ve seen systems and people in power dictate how change will be accomplished to the people or communities they’re hoping to change.  Well, that’s not how I envision driving sustainable change and creating meaningful impact.  Change is a collaborative process where the community members are seen as assets and part of the design team. In its simplest form, this looks like talking with folks, not at them, and creating spaces for their voices to be heard and ideas to be included.

My number 1 job is Mom– It’s the most exhausting thing on Earth that I love to do. I have 3 amazing Black boys who will grow up to Black men.  I want them to have opportunities that their ancestors never had, to shape their own destiny without limits, which is why we have to keep pushing right now.

GenUnity is pushing to open spaces and providing tools for young people to dream, and to design the change they want to see in their own community. I’m excited to be a part of it.