Jeff Rogers

Lead Facilitator

I’ve been coaching and facilitating for years, so I know the tragic secret of our profession: those who most need support, are least likely to receive it. Executives have resources to invest in their leadership skills so that they can climb just a little higher. Meanwhile, people who might’ve changed the world never get to do so, because in our society, having time for deep civic engagement is a luxury.

That’s bad for people AND bad for society. I don’t like it. Especially since I came close to being someone who never found their path forward. As a young black man from inner city Boston, I spent my early adulthood floundering, looking for something. I now realize – that something was purpose. It was only desperation that thrust me into a job working with youth from my neighborhood. That job unearthed my passion for helping people grow, and that passion evolved into a career coaching executives and ivy leaguers in some of the most rarified organizations in the world. Unbelievable as it sounds, the transition from Youth Worker to Executive Coach was easy because, compared to what these young people face, the stakes are so low.

GenUnity exists to support those who need it most, to help them unearth their passions, find their purpose and grow. I find it powerful, for my people and for our society, and I’m thrilled to be working with a group whose sole mission is to find young people and help them climb higher. We live in challenging times, but there’s another secret: some people know challenges very well. They're built for this. And all they need is to find their path.